Marble Mansion

The garden, greenhouse and Öykü of Demirler Mansion… Neli’s plans. Big shareholders, small partners, dice thrown… Then the arrival of another kind of man… A penniless boarder comes to face to face with money. Sometimes wounds don’t seem to heal. You have no choice but to win.

Marble Mansion is a destructive love novel. The scandals, secrets, and the rake up of the past… The story of Uğur and Öykü, Uğur and Ezgi, Öykü and Ezgi… The scuffle of money, ego wars and a dark family history.

Mehmet Eroğlu skilfully tells the whispers of the Marble Mansion. A love in the middle of an insatiable, malevolent and envy loaded wheels of fortune.

“Most beautiful women assume that love is imperative to crown their beauty.”

Yet love can destroy beauty … The outer shell of love is enthusiasm; in the shell there is only pain.
Love makes us believe that we are alive … There must be this impulse behind being so wanted, sought, pursued…